Five of the most obscure Minecraft features

Minecraft is undoubtedly the most loved game ever made, with over 100 million users per month. However, certain features in the game are not as well-known and don't get as much attention as they deserve.

This article will focus on some of the most important and underutilized Minecraft features players can use.

Five of the most obscure Minecraft features

5) Enchanted Golden Apple

While most Minecraft PvPers are familiar with the normal golden apple, enchanted gold apples are a less-known but more powerful version.

These enchanted golden apple enchantments provide Absorption IV for 2 minutes (8 golden hearts), Regeneration II (heals 8 hearts) for 30 seconds (heals 8), Fire Resistance I (five minutes) and Resistance I (five minutes) (20% overall reduced injury).

These items were once possible using gold blocks. The only way to obtain an enchanted Apple is to search automatically generated chests around the globe. This makes them very rare and underutilized.

4) Command Blocks

Command blocks are a unique, but useful, Minecraft item. The command block is not legal to obtain in survival mode but they are very popular on Minecraft servers and custom map.

Although the block is extremely powerful, it is also unique in that it can only be used once. This means there will be some learning curve. The command /give command_block is the only way to obtain a Command Block.

3) Mob Heads

One of the best features in Minecraft is mob heads. They are also very difficult to find, making them less well-known. There are many types of mob head that players can get, each with its own rarity.

The Wither Skeleton is the most popular mob head players will encounter. It's the most popular head but there is only a 2.5% chance of getting one if a Wither Skeleton gets killed by a Wolf.

It is possible to also pursue rarer heads such as creepers, zombies, dragons, skeleton heads or creepers. There is only one way to stop a mob from dying due to a charged creeper explosion. To get a charged creeper, you must strike lightning. Mob heads, while not often seen or appreciated by the player, are a cool addition to the game.

2) The Totem of Undying

The Totem of Undying can only be found within one of the extremely rare Woodland Mansions structures. Once the Evoker is found, players must go in and locate it. He is a sorcerer that attacks unsuspecting players using spells.

Players who kill the Evoker will be handsomely compensated with the Totem of Undying. If the Totem of Undying is equipped in the offhand slot, it will bring back players to life after they die.

1) Dinnerbone/Jeb Nametag

This little feature is funny and was created as a tribute to Nathan "Dinnerbone", Adams, the Minecraft developer. This feature requires players to have access to a nametag, an anvil, as well as a few levels XP.

You can force any mob to turn upside-down by using a nametag from an anvil, renaming it "Dinnerbone" and "Grumm", then right-clicking on it. Minecraft players can also change a nametag's name to "jeb_" by right-clicking on a sheep to change its color like a rainbow.