Flying machine building guide in Minecraft

23rd Jan, 2023

Flying machine building guide in Minecraft

Minecraft looks very easy and simple on the surface. The game is more complex than that, however. It has many features that make it different from other games.

Redstone is one of these features. Redstone components can be used to create all kinds of contraptions, from simple piston doors to underwater flying machines.

The flying machines are a remarkable contraption that allows players the ability to move from one side to the other, while remaining AFK (away form the keyboard). You can use the machine to move villagers from one place to another, or to just explore the world.

Players will need to collect the following items before they can build a flying machine in Minecraft:

1 Sticky Piston

1 Regular Piston

2 Observers

4 Slime Blocks

There are many building blocks, such as cobblestone.

Assembly of a flying machine

Step 1

Use the building blocks to stack as high as you can. Higher heights are better for the machine as they will be able to avoid obstacles that could cause it to stop when it comes in contact with them.

Step 2

Place one block to the side, and the observer should be facing the player. Next, place a normal piston directly in front of the observer.

Step 3

Next, place two slime block next to the piston and observer. There will be four slime block total.

Step 4

Place the second observer on top of the farthest slimeblock, with the arrow pointed inwards. Followed by a sticky piston.

The player will choose the direction they want to go by using the sticky piston.

Step 5

The player must either place a block or trap door in front of the observer to start the machine.

Step 6

To stop the machine the player must place an immovable object in front of the observer, such as obsidian. It will stop if it comes into contact with the object. You can also break any blocks on the machine to stop it.