Llama summoning guide for Minecraft dungeons

4th Jan, 2023

Llama summoning guide for Minecraft dungeons

Minecraft players are used to llamas spewing at them. Now, mobs in Minecraft Dungeons can do the same.

Llamas are a standalone mob that can be summoned to aid the player. They have been known to accompany the Wandering Traders in the past. Although it is not as helpful as summoning a Wolf, it can still be very useful.

These mobs cannot be spawned in a level or be tamed. They must be summoned to aid the player. This is not a command as in Minecraft, but an item.

Here are some ways to call a llama.

To help Minecraft Dungeons players, summon a llama

In Minecraft Dungeons, there are two types of llamas. Both can be summoned and one is not. They are a neutral mob and can't be summoned. They don't have chests or carpets on their backs. One will dance in gratitude when it is released from its cage.

They are neutral and will not become hostile if provoked.

This ability will be used by the summonable type to aid the player. Wonderful Wheat is used to summon Llamas. They will immediately start spitting at hostile mobs after being summoned. This causes them to take damage upon contact.

Wonderful Wheat is an artifact from Minecraft Dungeons that can only be used to summon llamas. It looks like a collection of wheat stalks that are tied together with a red tie at their bottom.

These levels could result in players losing Wonderful Wheat:

You can also buy them from the Village Merchant or the Luxury Merchant for emeralds.

The cooldown is 30 seconds. However, once the llama has been killed, another one can be summoned if the player has more of that item.

Players must equip Wonderful Wheat before they can use it. It must be placed in one of the three slots that Minecraft Dungeons players have available for their build. These items can be extremely useful so players need to make sure they are using Wonderful Wheat.