Minecraft Beehives 101

2nd Jan, 2023

Minecraft Beehives 101

No matter what reason a Minecraft player may want honey, it's unlikely that they will get it without the help of bees.

Players can take honey from bees by filling glass bottles. Minecraft gamers can create artificial beehives for nearby bees. This allows them to have easy access to honey when the hive is full.

Players can quickly create a source of honey that is renewable and easy to access with some smart block placements. Players should be cautious as it is easy to sting bees and cause poison damage.

Players will need beehives and a few fire sources like a campfire to harvest honey in Minecraft. Six wooden plank blocks can be combined with three honeycombs (harvested by bee nests using shears).

Players should search for a nest of bees before they start. Players should bring a campfire, which will help keep the bees happy.

Players will need to locate a bee nest within a forest or plains biome and place the campfire block there. If the campfire is less than five blocks below the nest, the smoke won't be able to pacify them. After the fire has done its job, the players can extract honey and honeycombs from nest without bees becoming hostile.

How to make a beehive?

Once Minecraft players have built their beehives using honeycombs, planks, and placed them next to each other, they should surround them with as many flowers as possible. The bees must then be relocated by the players.

There are many ways to do this, but the easiest is to use a "Silk Touch", which allows you to remove all bees from the nest. You can move the nests to beehives and place them there, or destroy the nest once they have moved to the new hives.

Players can attract bees by holding flowers or an azalea. This will make them follow you, much like wheat follows cows. Once they are close enough to the bees, players should remove the flowers. The bees can re-home nests if the hives are too far from the original nest.

Campfires are an important part of pacifying the bees and should be placed under the new beehives.

After all these steps are completed, surround the hives as much as you can with flowers. The bees will leave their hives on clear days to collect pollen and then return to the hive for honey making. Bottles can be used for extracting honey from a hive once it is full of honey.