Minecraft Server List

12th Dec, 2022

Minecraft Server List

If you have a great Minecraft server, then it's easy to get Minecraft players to stay. The hard part about running a great Minecraft server is finding people to play on it. Without communities, Minecraft servers wouldn't be as much fun!

This article is going to help you increase the amount of players on your minecraft server by showing you how to promote your minecraft server. The more popular a Minecraft server gets, the more players there will be lined up to play. We will teach you how to gain more Minecraft players on your Minecraft server.

Following all the steps you see listed here can help you promote your Minecraft Server for free. If you have some funding, you can apply additional methods including paid Minecraft advertising, holding paid competitions, along with upgraded Minecraft servers.

Before promoting your Minecraft server, remember to make sure it's ready for the public. If you just started your Minecraft server and are still in the process of setting things up, your Minecraft players might not be happy about any delays from playing their game and move on to a different Minecraft server.

Another method to help gain users is to promote your Minecraft server in places that there is an abundance of them. Believe it or not, people are actually already looking for your Minecraft server! No matter how new, old, great, or rusty it is... There are Minecraft people out there that want to play it. All you have to do is get the link in front of them.

One of the best ways to do that would be adding your server to as many Minecraft server lists as possible. There are a lot of Minecraft servers so be sure to follow the next step and enable votifier as well. You'll want to get your users to vote on Minecraft serverss because the higher you rank, the higher chance you have of gaining new users.

"Votifier is a Bukkit plugin whose purpose is to get notified (aka votified) when a vote is made on a Minecraft servers for the server. Votifier creates a lightweight server that waits for connections by a Minecraft servers and uses a simple protocol to get information about that vote. Minecraft Votifier is and always will be open-source." - Creator of Votifier

This means that the Minecraft server rewards voters. In order to sustain a decent spot on a Minecraft servers some of the top Minecraft servers have enabled votifier. You should follow by example that votifier really does work and every vote counts.

Promoting and using votifier on your Minecraft Server can increase your votes by a tremendous amount and is a must have for any Minecraft server. A majority of Minecraft players browse through server lists in order to find new minecraft servers. If players can't find your Minecraft server, then they can't join. Be sure to take advantage of votifier. Higher rewards result in more frequent voting.

Minecraft is one of the most popular PC games to this day. A large majority of people have the game and can be potential Minecraft players on your server, you just need to get them to join.

If you have social media, then posting about your Minecraft server to friends and followers would be your best bet to get new Minecraft players. Plus this makes the community tighter by already having a connection with somebody before playing Minecraft with them.

The only downfall about this method is that sometimes friends and relatives may want a higher level or advantages on your Minecraft server because they know you. This can be unfair to other Minecraft players and is totally up to the Minecraft server admin to determine whether or not their friends/relatives should have privileges.