Uses for fences in Minecraft

Fences are one of the easiest Minecraft blocks to build. They can be used for creating enclosures but also have many other uses.

Fences, like many other blocks in Minecraft have a primary function but can also serve multiple purposes. While they are useful for securing areas and blocking out unwanted entities, fences can also be used as decorations or to create certain sounds using a note block.

Although it is not an essential block, having fence blocks can be very helpful.

Minecraft Fence Blocks: The Top Uses

3) Lead tethering

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep certain mobs, such as horses and other animals, close by. Minecraft's animal mobs, like other entities, can wander off on their own.

Players can use leads to tie entities to fence blocks. They'll stay there until they are killed or removed. This is especially useful for those who use horses as explorers, since they can tie their horse at a specific location and not worry about them wandering around.

2) Barrier

Although it is the most common way fences are used in Minecraft. However, fencing can be used to protect certain areas. Although certain mobs, such as spiders, can climb over fences without additional blocks being needed to do so effectively, they still keep entities out.

Players can light an area sufficiently well to prevent hostile mobs from spawning in darkened areas. You can also climb over the fence with a carpet block or a fence gate. Fences are great for keeping baddies away from a specific area.

1) As a decorative block

A decorative block is one of the most important uses for fence blocks in Minecraft. Because fence blocks are easily accessible and compatible with other blocks, players can create many different furniture pieces as well as interesting architectural designs.

Fence blocks can be used to partially create tables, chairs, automated gates, as well as many other objects. You can also use the blocks in home design to make things such as porches, awnings, and scaffolding.